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Our Story

About Us

Bvumba is one of the most beautiful parts of Zimbabwe with it’s tree clothed slopes, deep valleys and breath-taking views.  Bvumba in Shona means ''mist''  Come and experience the peace, tranquillity and magic of the Bvumba 'Mountains in the Mist'

Bellview Estate is located in Bvumba right on the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique with stunning mountain and valley views. Discover Bvumba's hidden gem tucked away at the end of Lauranceville Road.  The Estate is named "Bellview" because of the spectacular views of "a hill in Machipanda'', Mozambique which resembles a bell.  We have four properties on the Estate which have been turned into guest accommodation The Villa, Cottage & Annexe and Imbahuru.

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Our History

Imbahuru ''the big house" and The Villa are both historic houses which were built by the last Rhodesian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Brigadier Andrew Skeen who served from 22 July to 12 November 1965. His total tenure lasted only 3.7 months. On 11 November 1965, when Rhodesia announced its (UDI), Skeen was summoned by the Secretary of State for Commonwealth RelationsArthur Bottomley, for a meeting at 1.15pm, who ordered Skeen to denounce the UDI or face being declared persona non grata with the removal of all privileges and expulsion from 13 November.


Skeen refused and departed London voluntarily the following day on 12 November 1965. 


Extensive restoration work to all the properties which were built by Andrew Skeen have been undertaken by the current owners.   It has been a labour of love for Rita who has led the works to preserve these two houses.


Particular attention was paid to retaining the original features of the houses while updating some areas to make the houses liveable and comfortable for guests.

All restoration work carried out sympathically to the era and style in which they were built with a clear understanding of how the owners would have used the spaces.

Imbahuru which means big house was the main residence is yet to be completed.  It will be opened end of 2023 due to unforeseen circumstance.

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